The future of
maintenance is today

Welcome to the era of assistance 4.0

Arios Technology

Redefines the maintenance experience with AR

You can now provide your customers with an innovative service of REMOTE ASSISTANCE, using a powerful and precise communication system based on AR TECHNOLOGY.

Complete support

Connection to experts and useful resources in a single device

Real-time maintenance

Industrial assistance is now digital, quick and precise

Operator training

A powerful learning system to train operators remotely


Industrial AR maintenance at your fingertips

Arios connects your customer’s local staff with MAINTENANCE EXPERTS, anywhere in the world.

This technology is based on a pair of INTERCONNECTED TABLETS, powered by advanced cameras and sensors integrated into a dedicated case.

ARIOS AUGMENTED REALITY allows to place information directly on the machine and fix them on a precise point to avoid errors and misunderstandings.

How it works

A continued flow and exchange of information

Arios is easy to use. The maintainer has to simply connect and point at the machinery, while the expert - on the other side - will send INSTRUCTIONS AND USEFUL RESOURCES which will be displayed on the screen.

  • Recording and streaming of video and audio
  • Conversation, chat and voice messages
  • Virtual annotations on the physical machine
  • Manuals, tutorials, technical drawings and other resources

With Arios experts will always give contextualized information, even in case of low network coverage.


Innovative maintenance for innovative companies

Arios supports companies that want to offer an INNOVATIVE MAINTENANCE service, optimizing their internal processes and those of their customers.

Local experts and technicians can CONNECT TO EACH OTHER IN REAL TIME to solve machine problems effectively through remote connection and a user experience enhanced by AR technology.

Why choose Arios

A powerful tool for you company

Using Arios you will offer a QUALITY ASSISTANCE SERVICE and a real time support that will help you to achieve:

  • Faster response time
  • Lower costs
  • Higher customer satisfaction

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