Arios Technology

Augmented reality for
a better business collaboration

Communicate easily, quickly and precisely thanks to augmented reality.

From now on, industrial maintenance and remote technical support are even easier, faster and more precise thanks to augmented reality.

Arios Technology

In an increasingly globalised, hyper-technological and hyper-connected world, Arios has made its appearance: the innovative, fast and flexible maintenance system in line with the Industry 4.0 concept.

Arios is the application for smartphones and tablets, through the use of augmented reality, shortens distances, saves time and reduces operating costs related to industrial maintenance, ensuring a high level of quality in the service provided.

Reduce technicians intervention time


Reduce labour costs


Reduce machine downtime


Arios Technology

More than just a simple call

Arios is the innovative, fast and effective way to speed up remote assistance and facilitate communication between two users.

Augmented reality video call

Thanks to a next-generation video and audio streaming enhanced by AR technology, we can provide a new way of communication that shares what the technician in the field sees.

Comprehensive virtual assistance

Thanks to Arios, you can offer and receive highly qualified assistance worldwide, saving time, resources and reducing language barriers.

Continuous information exchange

Arios enables calls that go far beyond the simple screen sharing. You can create and contextualise notes, drawings and much more thanks to augmented reality.

The right asset for the next generation businesses

Industrial maintenance

It simplifies maintenance worldwide, solving problems in real time and reducing machine downtimes.

Product development

Co-design and develop new products sharing ideas in real time with your colleagues.

Technical support

Offer an innovative support to your customers providing accurate and contextualised information.

Company benefits

The maintenance today

Today, in-house technical maintenance involves long and complex processes which, to be effective, often require the intervention of a highly specialised technician on site.

Impacts at COMPANY level
  • Intervention time increase
  • Cost increase
  • Continuous and dedicated training activities.
Maintenance with Arios

Arios uses augmented reality to make maintenance simple, fast and intuitive while ensuring a high level of professional service.

Impacts at COMPANY level
  • Intervention time reduction
  • Machine downtime reduction
  • Cost saving

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